Halo Effect: Why We Judge a Book by Its Cover

Even if we think logically and rationally, we seem easily biased by a single incident or personal characteristic (Nicolau, Mellinas, & Martín, 2022). The ‘halo effect’ recognizes that scoring someone or something high on one aspect positively or negatively affects our overall perception. For example, we may overlook cold coffee if the cafe’s barista finds it attractive (Padres & Shiramisu, 2023). The impact of the halo effect is

significant, the connections we make can influence consumer behavior, financial markets and even justice systems. This article examines the nature of the ‘halo effect’ and how its effects can be mitigated. Before you continue, we thought you might want to download three of our positive CBT exercises for free. These science-based exercises will give you a comprehensive understanding of Positive CBT and give you the tools to apply it to your therapy or practice.

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